When you’re focused on running your company or beginning a new startup, it can feel like you’re being pulled downstream with no end in sight. It’s hard to keep your head above water.

Grab onto the mangroves. I’ll take care of the storytelling to allow you to focus on where you’re most valuable.



strategies that connect brands to their audiences, by Kelly DeWitt

I want to share everything about the art of starting, operating, and branding a business so that you can get your message out, grow your audience, and increase revenue.

Products and services are replaceable. For your company to truly succeed and have longevity, you need a brand. A brand is not only about what you’re offering; it’s about who you are.

I will help you share your brand with the world. It’s big nebulous stuff like how to effectively communicate what your company is. It’s the influential details like design and images. It’s honing your brand’s personality to create a consistent user experience and a strong, supportive community.

MANGROVES uses a smart mix of storytelling, design, and visuals to…


#1 Define your brand


#2 grow your brand


who is it?

Kelly DeWitt: Writer, Photographer, Welder & Woodworker, Teacher


Kelly has spent the past decade growing her business, KKDW, from a one-woman show to a respected brand and design powerhouse. She now works to empower fellow small businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives with the tools to grow their brand and company—and is having a hell of a time doing it.