Building brands and growing audiences for creative entrepreneurs + independent businesses


Creative strategies for all stages of your business.


Content Creation


Brand Direction

Photography, Writing, Visuals

Images and stories that elevate your message and grow your audience. I’ll provide you with what you need to stay current in every outlet you occupy, from website and social media to print and press—plus, I’ll give you the tools and prompts to roll it all out. At the heart of every successful brand is a cohesive message and an excited audience. I’ll help make both a reality.

Consulting, design, execution

A successful brand is shaped by its story. I’ll work with you to pinpoint your message and audience, and create cohesion between all facets of your company. From those integral but nebulous aspects of brand building like visual standards and vibe, to the small, concrete details like web creation and organization. I’ll take the look, feel, and operations of your company to the next level.


Brand Strategy

Concept Development



Art Direction


Social Media Strategy

Print & Packaging

Visual Identity



It can often feel like there’s so much ground to cover, where do you even start?

I’ll start by discovering as much information as I can about you, your business, your goals, and your pain points; then I’ll put together a unique strategy just for you.

The story, visual identity, and messaging of your brand are the guiding lights that will lead to growth and success. My toolbox is vast and varied, so the plan might include anything from photography campaigns and editorial calendars for your blog or social media channels, to rebranding your entire website and digital presence.

Like an early-days PR company, Mangroves works to define the procedures and interests of your organization, then execute a program of action to cultivate community and public recognition.

Brand direction, then implementation. It’s a one-stop shop to get your business on a new track to pass the pack and chart its own course.

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My special talent is sharing your special talents with the world.